March 5, 2018

pink_pancakes_thank_you_classic_round_sticker-r42730d7e0f454e4f8ade734505a56ab1_v9waf_8byvr_400THANK YOU to all those who supported 5th grade by attending our annual Flapjack Breakfast at Applebee’s! We reached our goal of funding the Star of India field trip!

Whether or not you participated in phase one of ThoughtExchange, you can make you voice heard during the star phase. Just click on the email you received, or click here:
English Link: ThoughtExchange English
Spanish Link: ThoughtExchange Spanish

As a reminder, Chula Vista’s Student Wellness Policy states: “No celebratory food items will be allowed on school sites during the school day in celebration of a student’s birthday”. School board policy also states there is no sharing of food allowed at school.

Need help determining if a book, game, or movie is appropriate for your child? Here is a great app & website that can help you: Common Sense Media

March 5 School Site Council 3 pm
March 6 Last Day for After School Tutoring
March 8-16 Minimum Days for Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 19-30 Spring Break

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