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Please email us with any questions. You can also call this phone number to reach us during school closure: 619-880-0522. Se habla español.

Dr. Beverly Prange, Principal

Last First email Grade
Adams Alyssa 4
Alegrado Czarina RSP
Allmon Crystal NDS
Anaya Maria EL IA
Areola Cristina Lead Psychologist
Barber Ashley LSH
Bautista Patricia SA
Berman Stacey RT
Boulytchev Annie 5
Bueno Irma CNS
Castro Fernando Custodian
Cazares Rudbelina SA
Ceballos Sandra SA
Clemetson Stacy Art
DeCima Albert Preschool
Dehne Camille 3
Escamilla Carolina SA
Fregoso Tania Preschool
Galvan Edith SA
Garcia Alejandrina SA
Gillespie Elena K
Gochicoa Maria LTT
Gonzalez Sandra SA
Griffin Nancy SDC Preschool
Haase Andrea K
Hidalgo Kristine 1
Hoffman Jason 2-3 SDC
Hoffman Margarita SA
Hoffman Shelley SA
Liederman Magdalena NDS
Limon Grace Secretary
Longo Giulia 4
Lozoya Jackeline 2
Martinez Gabriela 1
Martinez Illiana IA
Mellado Gina SDC Preschool
Montiel Teodora CNS
Nguyen Dorothy 5
Olivas Patricia AHS
Orozco Norma SA
Pot Kenda 6
Pridmore Crystal Music
San Agustin Daniela TK-1 SDC
Sanchez Carla IA
Sandoval Fabian Custodian
Schafer Timothy 4-6 SDC
Sessions Jade Nurse
Showman Melissa 3
Silva Monica 2
Sotelo Donna CNS
Trujillo Lorine SA
Turner Christopher 6
Vega Josefina NDS
Verduzco Nidia SA