Week of July 26, 2021

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful first week back. What a joy to have the students back in school! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adjust to our “new normal”.

Starting Monday, July 26, students will line up on the blacktop in the morning*, where they will be supervised by Finney staff. Each class has a designated place to line up. Teachers will pick their classes up on the blacktop at 7:45. Per CVESD guidelines, please say good-bye quickly and exit immediately after dropping off your child. This helps us prevent crowding.

*SDC and preschool parents: please follow your teacher’s instructions regarding drop off.

Breakfast is served 7:15-7:40. Students eating breakfast before school may enter through the cafeteria gate. If your child is not eating breakfast at school, they should not arrive before 7:35. If you need to drop your child off earlier, YMCA STRETCH provides FREE before-school care at Finney.

Please follow all posted signs and staff instructions.

Kindergarten (Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Haase) has a special schedule the first two weeks of school:
July 22-30: Minimum Days for Kinder 1:00 Dismissal

Please review the Finney Parent Handbook (Finney Manual para Padres) for important information about our school and the CVESD Parent Playbook for current Covid-19 Safety Information.

YMCA STRETCH before and after school program still has space available for some grade levels. Click here for the application.

Please screen your child for Covid-19 symptoms each day before school.

Students and staff are required to wear masks when indoors and may remove masks outdoors. Teach your child to place their mask either under chin, on wrist, or in pocket when not in use. If you choose to use a mask lanyard, please ensure that it has a breakaway feature for safety. Please note that scarves and gaiters are not a substitute for masks.

If your child has any pre-existing conditions, including those with Covid-like symptoms (e.g. allergies, asthma), please provide documentation from the doctor so that we can have it on file. This will help prevent your child from being sent home if they have symptoms from a chronic condition.

Please send a water bottle with your child. Water bottles can be filled at the classroom sink.

Label lunch boxes, water bottles, and sweaters with your child’s name!

The Finney School Site Council (SSC) is seeking nominations for new parent members. Click here for more information and the SSC Nomination Form.

Finney English Learner Advisory Committee needs a Parent Representative to represent Finney’s English Learner parents at the monthly District Advisory Council/District English Learner Advisory Committee (DAC/DELAC) meetings, held on Tuesdays, 12:00-2:00 virtually. Click here for more information and the nomination form.

DELAC Rep. and SSC Member Nomination Forms are due July 30, 2021 and elections will take place the week of August 2, 2021.

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