Week of April 13, 2020

the-history-of-distance-learning-infographicDue to ongoing school closure, Finney students will be participating in Distance Learning now through the end of the school year. Teachers have been working hard to contact each family and prepare for distance learning. As teachers are working from home, please understand that your teacher’s call may come from a private or unknown number. If you have not yet communicated with your child’s teacher, please attempt to email them, or call Dr. Prange, the principal at 619-880-0522, or email beverly.prange@cvesd.org  1200px-Microsoft_Office_Teams_(2018–present).svgHere is a guide to access Microsoft Teams, the main online platform we are using. Please review the CVESD Internet Use Agreement with your child.  Here is the agreement in Spanish.

Here are resources to help obtain low-cost computers and internet: low-cost internet access low cost computers for kids.

record-imageCVESD is providing free meals Monday-Friday for students in need at 9 school sites. Click here for more information. 211 San Diego has a directory of other food assistance resources, as well as other resources.

The Chula Vista Collaborative Family Resource Centers are here to assist families in need.

FRC hours are 9 AM – 3 PM
Beacon FRC | 619.422.9208
Open Door FRC | 619.407.4840


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