Hi from Finney Staff & Meals Update

As schools remain closed indefinitely, we made a little video to say “hi” and “we miss you!”:

Meal Distribution Update from the Superintendent:

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Our District is committed to distributing meals to students from families in need during Spring Break. Our next meal distribution is scheduled for ‪Tuesday, March 31 at the same nine regional school sites that we utilized last Tuesday. We will start distributing at 10 a.m. on a first come, first served basis. We will stop the distribution once all bags are handed out.

Last Tuesday, due to overwhelming response, all nine school sites finished distribution of meals as early as 10:45 a.m. Altogether, more than 4,500 meal bags were distributed representing 45,000 meals (each bag meal distribution covers five days of breakfast and lunch). We reduced the number of meal distribution sites from all 46 schools to nine regional locations during Spring Break in order to better comply with the requests from national, state, and local public health officials to limit possible spread or exposure to COVID-19.

We are exploring the addition of about 1,000 meal bags beyond the 4,500 we had planned for. Due to the current situation, we are limited on deliveries to our warehouse, and as a result can only pass out that which we receive and can bundle. We also are serving ages 1-18, which is considerably different from a normal school day. To view a list of our nine school sites for Tuesday’s meal distribution, click here.

Parents are encouraged to bring their student(s) to our District’s meal distribution “only if you really need it.” This program is designed for students who are on the free/reduced price meal program. While we wish we could serve everyone who comes to us, that is not possible for safety and logistics reasons.

To view other sources in the community for food distribution, such as South Bay Community Services, Community of Hope, and other organizations, click here. Our District is not the only source of food distribution in the South County. A number of agencies are pulling together to assist as many families as possible.

I want to applaud the many school and District employees and volunteers who are making our meal distribution possible. This is an extraordinary period and our staff are likewise responding in an extraordinary fashion.


Dr. Escobedo

CVESD is working on a learning plan for students during school closure. Remember to check out the Students page at cvesd.org for online learning links. Click here for more FAQ regarding Covid-19.

Here is information about low cost computers for kids and low-cost internet access.

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