Week of August 12, 2019

82018271528204490774One way to help your child succeed in school is to read to and with them every day. Did you know it’s important to read to your children all the way through elementary school? Here’s a great article that explains why. 

large_6612500f-afdf-400c-bea9-43fcd166bcd3.pngCongratulations to Mrs. Boulytchev’s Class, Rm. 403 for having 99% attendance last week. Finney attendance overall was 96.4%. Our goal is 98%. Every minute counts.

Please help us keep our students safe by following traffic rules. There is NO student drop off or pick up on the RED curb in front of the school–this is for school buses and emergency vehicles only. Please use the white curb on Byrd Street for drop off and pick up. Do NOT park on the white curb. Please do not park in STAFF parking spots at any time.

The YMCA STRETCH program at Finney has openings for FREE before school child care for all grade levels. Applications are available in the school office. For more information call 619-787-7411 or email stretch-finney@ymca.org.

Upcoming Dates:
Aug. 12 School Site Council 2:30 Rm. 201 (all are welcome)
Aug. 13 DAC/DELAC Mtg. 12:00-2:00 CVESD
Aug. 14 CVESD Board Mtg.–Mrs. Pridmore will be recognized 6 pm
Aug. 15 YMCA STRETCH Open House 5:00 auditorium
Aug. 22 Fall Picture Day
Aug. 23 Movie Night/Campout/VAPA Night

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